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CONTACT US thecoatman@yahoo.com.au 03 9528 3395 595 Glenhuntly Rd Elsterwick 3185
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Australian Made ladies and mens cashmere and wool jackets and coats.
We are a family business that has been operating since 1980 starting from a humble beginning at various market stalls in Melbourne to now being a “household” name operating from a huge warehouse in Elsternwick, Melbourne, Victoria.
We specialise in the manufacture of Australian Made ladies and men’s cashmere/wool jackets and coats. We are one of the very few makers of Australian Made coats and our point of difference is that we cater for all ages, sizes and body shapes. Our strength lies in the discerning middle age market who prefer good quality Australian Made garments.
Our coats are fully lined and are made from a superb, soft Italian cashmere/wool blend fabric. The mill is located in Prato, Italy and uses mainly Australian wool which is then blended with the cashmere. We cater for all sizes from 4-26 in a large variety of colours and styles.
Apart from our own brand coats we also have an extensive range of imported out door coats and leather coats for both women and men.
Moshe and Norah Elkman